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“Operation Cut my Gut” is on!

Yesterday, I went and paid for my surgery at the hospital that I am having it at. This was a big moment for me. I recently got all the money that I needed to pay for the surgery. Because my surgery is considered elective surgery, it is not covered by insurance. This meant that I had to pay for my surgery 30 days before my surgery date. To be able to pay for the surgery was a major hurdle to overcome. I am very excited that the surgery is going to happen. I am nearing the finish line of my journey.

I am very thankful for everyone who supported me along the way. A lot of friends and family gave me the money that I needed to pay for the surgery. I am humbled by this and the fact that there are some people that I have never met who also gave money toward my surgery. I kept the money in a separate bank account until I was able to pay for my surgery. I did this so that I would keep this money separate from the money that I earn at the YMCA. I asked God in prayer to provide for my surgery. I felt early on that He would provide. I just knew. I believe that God worked through friends, family and people that I have never met to provide! It is for this reason that I must praise God! God does answer prayer.


I have a new Surgery Date!

I have a new surgery date. I will be having my first surgery on April 21st. I am both excited and scared about this. I have been looking forward to getting my extra skin removed for a long time. I found out that my recovery will be difficult. I will have to take six weeks off of work and not be able to do any kind of aerobic activity during this time. This will be hard because I love working at the Sheboygan YMCA. I will miss my coworkers and the members during this time. It will also be hard to not work out. I enjoy my training.

I will draw strength during this time from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him in my life, I could do nothing and none of this would be possible.

Surgery Date Update

I have put off my surgery date at this point. I will update this blog when I am able to reschedule. I was upset about this, but decided to move on and keep moving toward my goals.

No matter what, I am not going back to my old me. I believe that it is important to keep moving forward. Set backs are to be expected, what matters is the response. I am trusting in God during this entire process, because I know that He is in all this.

I will update the topic of my surgery when things change.

My Surgery Date Has Been Set!

I recently found out that my surgery date has been set for 2/7/14. It has been a long and difficult journey and I am thankful for all those who have encouraged and supported me along the way. I thank God for the strength He has given me along the way, none of this would be possible without Him.

I am feeling nervous and excited about my surgery at the same time. I am starting to be able to do things that I have always dreamed about, competing with others in triathlons and running races. I know that I can do more. I just need to get rid of all this extra skin.

The one issue that I have is how to pay for the surgeries. We do not have health insurance and if we did have insurance, it is likely that the surgery would not be covered.

Many people say that I inspire them. Well, I am truly thankful for all the support that all my friends and family have given me. I cannot wait for the next chapter in my story.

Skin Reduction

Well, today I had my consultation appointment for skin reduction surgery. I had to wait almost three hours to see the doctor. He told me that I am ready for surgery because I have lost enough weight and have been keeping my weight steady. This is exciting. It mean that I will be entering a whole new chapter of my life.

As for the surgery, I will need a total of three surgeries. The first surgery will involve doing my belly and lower back region. This will take about 5 to 6 hours to do, due to needing to roll me over during surgery. At first the doctor said that he would do my belly and then my lower back, but then he said that he would start on one side and them go to the other. I will need to stay over night at the hospital for this surgery. I will end up with a scar that goes all the way around my waist area. The second surgery will involve my upper chest region and thighs. I will have a scar over my pecs and in my inner thighs. The third surgery will involve getting rid of my “chicken wings”, located under my triceps. I will be able to go home after the second and third surgeries on the same day as the surgery.

The doctor said that he would help with some of his costs, but cannot control the costs for the hospital. He will send me an itemized cost in a few days. Also, he will submit a claim to our insurance for the belly region. If this is approved, I would just have to pay the difference. Otherwise, I will have to pay the full amount. It has been his experience that if the insurance company turns me down it will be sooner than later. Either way, my cost will be great. So, I will need to do some fundraising. I would deeply appreciate any help toward the cost of my surgeries.

A friend of mine asked me, what is next for me. I had to admit that I am not sure. I know that I am not going back to where I once was. Being overweight is not fun. I am enjoying my new life. I want to do more triathlons, bike and running races. I want to continue to train and get stronger and faster. My focus has always been to get to my goal weight. I am there now. I need to focus on staying there. I must admit that I need to learn more about this. I know that I can do this because I have kept my weight steady for the last several months and I have a lot of support in the people around me. I can’t wait to enter this next stage in my life.


Who is that?

Who is that?

I began my weigh loss journey two years ago today. This picture was taken a few weeks before I started. To date, I have lost a total of 186 pounds. Next up for me is skin reduction surgery. I have an appointment on 10/22/13 for a consultation. Please pray that God would provide for my surgery as it will not be covered by our insurance.

It has been a long road, that certainly been worth it. Thank you everyone for your support.

My training update

Sorry for not blogging lately…busy with work, church, working out, ect…

I have decided to keep training for Elkhart Lake next year. Until then I plan to compete in 5ks and maybe some bike races.

Yesterday, I ran my usual 5k route and got a personal best for time: 47:56:68